Nothing beats adding value.

Building software products is my passion. It takes intuition. It takes dedication. It takes relentless focus over a long time. But if you get to the point where your product adds value to all it’s users every day. There is nothing like it. That value surplus will always pay off. One way or another.


Foremost I invest in founders. I invest in their power and abilities. Secondly I invest in problems that I understand. I do not invest in plans nor roadmaps. I invest in the time and the adventure together. I am in it for the journey.


Take responsibility for your own actions. Act out of compassion and love. You are responsible for how you view this world and how you (re-)act in it. The way you react is 100% your choice and therefore your superpower.

Liberal values have to be defended by creating value. Economically and Socially. 
Civil disobidience and independence are only virtues if paired with a sense for love, self-reflection and responsibility for each other and our planet.

My main adventure

I try to live out of love. And to share my time with pleasures like my family, friends, food, red wine, photography, woods, waves, fire, mountains, long nights, roads, water, art… see Insta: @bold_ventures.